Posted by: Laura Harbert Allen | January 14, 2009

Finding the Way

Last week in Houston, Texas, during an early morning walk, Bishop Keaton and I decided that we would return to our hotel by walking through the mall. You need to know that the Galleria Westin Hotel is connected to the Galleria Mall.

We had no trouble getting into the mall. This is a large mall, however, and we did not know the way through the maze of hallways back to the hotel. We tried to find our way without any initial success.

What should we do? We could have continued to search for the right way. We could have gone back outside of the mall to the street and retraced our steps. As we wandered around, we encountered a woman making her way presumably to her place of employment.

I confess that we were hesitant about asking this woman for directions. Did she know the way? Would she be afraid to stop and converse with two men who were strangers to her? After all, it was 7:00 in the morning, and there were no other people in sight. Nevertheless, we asked this woman if she knew how we could get to the Galleria Westin Hotel.

Well, the woman stopped, and she listened to our question: Do you know how we can get to the Galleria Westin Hotel by walking through the mall? She said, “Follow me.” She spoke with authority and without hesitation. She spoke without fear or reservation. The woman boldly walked with us to show us the way.

I am compelled to ponder my response when I am confronted by an inquiring stranger. Perhaps this person needs directions to get to a desired location. Maybe this person wants to meet Jesus. Am I prepared to say to a stranger, follow me? Are you prepared to say to a stranger, follow me? Are we prepared to lead those persons who desire to find their way?

This woman said to us, follow me. Now, imagine that!



  1. i love getting to know strangers; i like to meet new people; but then, where do we draw the line? how close is too close? follow me, but, stay your distance.?

    i wonder what fears others have in ‘entertaining angels’ or some not so angelic people who need God

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