Posted by: Laura Harbert Allen | February 3, 2009

Calling for Help

When I got up early last Saturday morning, I quickly realized that the house was colder than it should be, even though the heat had not been turned up for the start of a new day. I wondered what could be wrong, so I went down stairs and turned up the thermostat. There was no response; nothing. I wondered what could be wrong.

My first step was to go into the basement where I checked the electrical panel. Perhaps a circuit breaker had been tripped. All of the breakers were intact. I noticed that some of the lights that I turned on were dim and not as bright as usual. After further checking, I realized that part of the house lighting was normal and the remainder of the lighting was not normal.

We were able to contact an electrician who came to the house and checked the electrical panel. He determined that we only were receiving half power into the house. The next step was to call Appalachian Power. The electrician informed me that our heat pump is equipped with a device that will cause it to shut down when insufficient voltage is available to it. There was low voltage, so the heat pump shut off; and there was no heat.

Our first call for help was relayed to the boss who was in Florida. The boss called his electrician who was at home in bed in Charleston. The electrician got up on his day off and came to offer his help. Appalachian Power sent a work crew who worked in the cold to repair the problem. Late on Saturday afternoon, the crew restored full electrical power to our house.

We were grateful for the help that we received. Sometimes we try to operate on one half spiritual powers, only to discover that life has a way of shutting down when we are not receiving full spiritual nurture and power. We need God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit at all times. Pilgrim disciples cannot function alone and solo. I could not solve the problem at our house, so I called for help.

Do you ever hesitate to call for help when you need it? When you call, know that God’s help is on the way. Praise God who provides all of our blessings.


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