Posted by: morgan1965 | April 3, 2009

Fools For Christ

April 1st, April fool’s Day, has come and gone. But, I hope that there are still some fools among us. Now, please stay with me.

Did anyone play an April Fool’s joke on you? How do you feel when someone plays an April Fool’s joke on you?

Did you play an April Fool’s joke on a relative or a co-worker? If you did, how did you feel when you tricked the person?

I suspect that no one wants to be tricked on April Fool’s Day. It is better, perhaps, not to be lured into the April trap and end up looking like, well, a fool.

What is a fool? Who is a fool?

Are you a fool?

A fool can be defined as a person who is lacking in judgement or prudence. From our childhood days we are taught to exercise sound judgment. Society suggests that judgment and prudence are signs of maturity. Measured by this standard, we do not turn to foolish people to lead us in the secular or the religious arena.

It was the Apostle Paul, however, who said, “we are fools for the sake of Christ, but you are wise in Christ.” [I Corinthians 4:10b] As pilgrim disciples, we are not April Fools. Quite to the contrary, we are daily fools for Christ. Our devotion to Jesus Christ is not understood by people who do not know Jesus. Our devotion to the way, the truth and the life, is foolishness to them. Our foolishness, however, derives from our faithfulness. When Saul became Paul, the people who had known him as a persecutor of the Way, could not comprehend his new devotion to Jeuss Christ. What the people failed to recognize was the fact that God had transformed Saul to Paul, and God had transformed Paul into a follower of the Way.

Paul was willing to be beaten on behalf of his Christian witness. He was willing to go to prison in defense of his Christian faith. This was foolishness, foolishness for Christ.

Are you willing to be known in your community as a fool for Christ? Well, if your answer is yes, let’s go then; let us preach about the crucified Christ as Paul did throughout his missionary journeys. My mind’s eye can see him now, standing before the people in Ephesus.

Where do you see yourself standing?


  1. thanks to the producers of this article of being fool for christ it helps alot to understand more, may God bless you as you contniung in encouraging them to know the secret of being fool for jesus.
    i urge you to sent me more article to my email.
    thank you very much.

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