Posted by: morgan1965 | April 20, 2009

Spring into Shape

On Sunday Morning April 19, 2009, we arrived more than an hour early for the 10:45 A.M. worship service at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Parsons, West Virginia. We decided to stop by the local McDonald’s a few minutes for a brief break.

As Eleanor was sipping a cup of coffee, I sat gazing out of the side window that overlooks the parking lot. I noticed a sign that caught my attention and imagination. The sign said, “Spring into Shape with a Premium Chicken Salad.” This sign, of course, was a McDonald’s promotional piece. Now, I was not interested in buying a chicken salad at that time in the morning, nevertheless, I pondered the sign.

As I pondered the sign, the words stimulated my imagination. I focused on the words, “spring into shape.” The sign was based on the premise that the reader might be interested in shedding a few extra pounds gained during the winter season, as a means of springing into shape. The generalization might be that at any time of the year one might want to stay in shape by eating a premium chicken salad.

Let’s take a closer look at the words, “spring into shape.” It is spring time, a time when we tend to check up on things that perhaps have gone unattended during the winter season. We want the yard to look good for the summer season, so we get things cleaned up, and we plant new plantings and cultivate old plantings. We get our homes straightened up, and we call it spring cleaning. We look at the extra body fat and we go on a crash diet to get trim for our summer clothing and days at the beach/pool. And the list gets longer, but you get the idea.

The word spring suggests action, strong action, and determined action.

Physical shape or condition is important, because it is a part of our overall health. On the other hand, what about our spiritual health? Are you in good shape spiritually? Think about it.

Are you preparing to spring into good spiritual shape in this season of the Christian year called Eastertide. It is a good time to spring into shape, not for the purpose of consuming a premium chicken salad, but to engage in a new discipline of spirituality. Such a discipline would include daily prayer, regular bible study, weekly worship, frequent Christian fellowship, Holy Communion and other spiritual disciplines.

Let’s spring into spiritual shape.

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