Posted by: morgan1965 | May 13, 2009

Perfection and Possibilities

As a child, I often heard church folk say that only Jesus was perfect. This notion might suggest that we humans are not perfect, and cannot reach a stage of perfection. Church folk, however, do acknowledge human frailties and our propensity to sin.

John Wesley, nonetheless, suggested the idea of Christian perfection. He talked in terms of going on to perfection. The “Historic Examination” for ministerial candidates seeking admission into full connection in the United Methodist Church includes this cogent question: “Are you going on to perfection?”

The question about perfection is appropriate, not only for ministerial candidates, it is pertinent for every pilgrim disciple. Pilgrim discipleship is not a static process; rather, it is a dynamic process. Pilgrim discipleship anticipates growth and progress in the nature and depth of one’s relationship with God.

In the context of personal transformation, Christian perfection becomes a possibility. Over time, pilgrim disciples of Jesus Christ go through metamorphosis. We change. Not only do we change, we become more like Christ. We become more like Christ by practicing John Wesley’s three simple rules: (1) Do no harm. (2) Do good. (3) Stay in love with God. As one leads a more disciplined life, one moves a little closer to Christian perfection.

Such movement toward perfection opens one up to new possibilities, even new life in Christ.

Possibilities can be viewed in light of life’s challenges. When the disciples decided to follow Jesus, they opened themselves up to the new possibility of becoming “fishers of people.” When Paul accepted Jesus into his life, he opened himself to the possibility of becoming an extraordinary missionary. When the Acts II Christians received the Holy Spirit, they ushered in the possibility of living together in a community of sharing and growth in Christ. When the early Apostles journeyed out “in the name of Jesus”, they accepted the possibility of turning the world upside down.

Life is full of challenges, or obstacles that get in our way and create problems for us. Life challenges are real, and they are here to stay. Life’s challenges, however, offer us the opportunity to consider a variety of possibilities.

The Christian faith offers folk the awesome possibility of new life in Christ. Christ has a way of transforming challenges into possibilities.

Consider the prospect that possibilities can lead to perfection. Perfection, therefore, is a possibility. Think about it.

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