Posted by: morgan1965 | May 31, 2009

A Holy Ghost Party

A few days ago, I received an invitation to come to a party on Pentecost Sunday. So today, I went to a party at Dunbar United Methodist Church. It was a Holy Ghost Party that celebrated the birthday of the Christian Church.

When I approached the church, I could see balloons adorning the front of the church building. The church parking lot appeared to be filled, but I spotted two open slots at the front of the lot. I stopped my car and backed up, so that I could enter the first driveway, and I noticed that the two empty slots were marked for “guests.” Wow, I really felt welcomed.

As I approached the main entrance, a group of folk warmly greeted me and welcomed me. In the community space outside of the sanctuary, two official greeters welcomed me. Upon entering the sanctuary, I could see that the worship space was decorated with many balloons, in recognition of the birthday celebration. I was entering into holy space and standing on holy ground.

After I found a seat, the people around me greeted me. Several other people came by to extend warm greetings, prior to the beginning of the worship service.

There was an air of excitement and anticipation, because there was a party in progress. It was God’s Party. Yes, it was a Holy Ghost Party with balloons, whistles, party hats, and a birthday cake. There was not a dull moment throughout the entire worship experience.

Recognizing that people usually bring a gift to a party, we were told that the gift we bring to God is the gift of our heart. Now that is awesome, because every person has the gift of their heart to give to God.

Not only was the worship service a party, we also had a scrumptious dinner party after the worship service. The fellowship shared around the tables was delightful as we broke bread together.

The plain fact is that I would have missed that party if I had not gotten an invitation. Oh, by the way, the sermon title was “Let’s Party.”

With a dynamic experience like that, let’s have a Pentecost Party every Sunday.

Well, what about you? Did you have a Holy Ghost/Pentecost Party at your church?



  1. Yes we did, and it was great. Our Holy Ghost party pushed us out into the streets of Hinton and we let about a hundred balloons loose with our churches name, address, phone Number, and a bible verses from Mark 1:15, or Acts 2:38. Just like Peter and the apostles we were pushed out side of our walls… on to the streets of Hinton. We also had a birthday cake along with other amenities, as part of our celebration also.

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