Posted by: morgan1965 | June 29, 2009

Vacation Bible School is Fun & Learning

I have fond memories of Vacation Bible School [VBS], especially when I attended St. Daniels United Methodist Church in Chester, PA. VBS was the place where we learned new things about the bible and how to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Without a doubt, VBS was a lot of fun. I remember the game time, and those wonderful snacks. We use to bring a bit of change so that we could buy the penny candy that would be sold during the game time.

I hope that you have preserved some fond personal memories of Vacation Bible School in your life? Perhaps more importantly, so that the youth in your community will gain some fond memories, does your congregation sponsor a VBS each summer?

The children in Rosemont, West Virginia attended VBS at the Bailey Memorial United Methodist Church. Mr. Albert Simon and his dedicated staff of volunteers made sure that the children were learning and having some fun too.

On Thursday, June 25, 2009, I had the privilege of visiting Bailey Memorial UMC’s VBS which was held during the day. This was not an ordinary VBS, because they were participating with Cokesbury in testing a new VBS curriculum. Cokesbury is the retail arm of the United Methodist Publishing House.

On the day that I attended, the children were learning about the biblical character Bartemaus who was blind. The VBS staff was using various media resources, and they had made many of the resources themselves. I was reminded that every congregation has people who have a variety of gifts and resources. We simply have to identify them and ask them to serve in appropriate ways.

Bailey Memorial has a modest church facility; however, the VBS was using all of the available facility in a creative way. No space went unused.

I left feeling that the children, who attended VBS at Bailey memorial UMC, will have fond memories of their VBS experience. They will remember that learning can be fun, especially at VBS.


  1. Bishop Lyght it was a great honor to have you at our Church for Vacation Bible School. What a lot of hard work was put into it this year. Bailey Memorial UMC was honored to be chosen as a test church this year. Most of the credit goes to Albert Simon and his mother Jo Jo for the incredible job they did this year. Our congregation is small but mighty. It was alot of tiring, hard work, but worth the smiles on the children’s faces. We were a little disappointed in the number of children, but felt blessed with the children that were there. We are looking forward to VBS next year and grateful that one of our award is to have the “Camp E.D.G.E. curriculum given to us for our Thank you for the testing we completed. Thank you again for visiting and we would be glad to have you come back anytime. Take care and God Bless.

  2. I must say Bishop Light, that we at Bailey Memorial were pleased to have you in attendance at our VBS. What I think that many older church members forget is that we learn as much as the children and are equally blessed.
    candis rivera
    lay leader
    Bailey Memorial UMC

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