Posted by: morgan1965 | July 2, 2009

Children and Birthday Parties

Do you or someone on your behalf, still have a birthday party for you?

Birthdays are a significant marker in the life of a woman or man. When you have a birthday and a party, among other things, it means that you are yet alive. Your name is not in the obituary column. As we grow older, there is a tendency among some adults to employ a new math. Some people reach thirty-nine and enter into a holding pattern that might last for decades.

On the other hand, children tend not to be able to wait for their next birthday. They seem to enjoy the acrual of years as well as the birthday party and gifts.

This week I went to two birthday parties. My grandson celebrated his fourth birthday, while my granddaughter celebrated her sixth birthday. They both were excited about the age marker in their life. Are you excited about your next birthday, or are you in a holding pattern?

When I turned fifty, I had a big birthday party that included family and friends. Now, I have not had a birthday party since then. What happened? I have not stopped counting; however, I may have stopped celebrating and giving public thanksgivings. A birthday party allows one’s family and friends to celebrate together.

Perhaps we adults can learn something from the children that we have either forgotten or blotted out over time. The children remind us that a birthday is an event that we should look forward to with anticipation and appreciation. Children demonstrate to us that a birthday is a time for celebration and it calls for a party. Also, children teach us that you should have fun on your own birthday. And, while having fun, one looks forward to the next birthday and party.

Let’s celebrate our birthday as our children and grandchildren celebrate birthdays.


  1. I read once that birthdays are good for because the more you have the longer you live. I say keep them coming!

  2. The Hispanic/Latino worshipping community at Asbury UMC in Moorefield uses birthday party celebrations as one of their primary outreaches. They celebrate birthday’s for everyone in their ministry – especially the children! Everyone loves a party!

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