Posted by: morgan1965 | September 10, 2009

Persons Who Become a Patient

What happens when a relatively healthy person becomes sick and needs medical care? Obviously, a sick person needs to see a physician, and if necessary, be admitted to a hospital. These health care steps are not free. Typically such expenses are covered by health insurance for the majority of folks in the United States. It is my understanding, however, that approximately 30 to 45 million people do not have health insurance. What happens to these people?

The Congress is in the process of attempting to devise a plan to provide insurance coverage for all citizens. There is a key principle, that I do not hear much discussion about. Should all people in America have access to affordable health insurance? If so, then that changes the tenor of the conversation.

This is a divisive question. In America, possession of health insurance may be dependent upon whether a person has a full-time job that offers health insurance coverage. Many jobs have gone part-time and offer no benefits. Some people purchase their own insurance, while others just cannot afford health insurance.

We just celebrated Labor Day and the opportunity for people to have work to do. Even as we celebrated, we were aware that there are thousands of people who are currently unemployed, because the number of jobs has declined during this recession. Work used to bring with it health insurance. What do you do when you have no job? What do you do when you cannot afford health insurance? What does one do when their job offers no benefits?

I believe that all Americans should have access to affordable health care and basic health care by virtue of their citizenship. No American citizen should be without health care coverage. The teachings of Jesus implore us to care for all of God’s children, especially the sick. Jesus always had time to care for the sick.

I am praying that the health care dilemma in this wealthy nation of ours will be solved in a manner that helps all of the people.

What do you think about this issue?

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