Posted by: morgan1965 | September 29, 2009

Just a Little Respect

When I was a child, my parents taught me and my siblings that we must respect other human beings, especially our elders. We had to address all adults with a title, such as Mr., Mrs., Aunt, Dr., Rev., Bishop or some other title. We would never address an adult by his/her first name. Never! It was a matter of respect.

Such a demonstration of respect was not just reserved for children, but it was practiced by adults in relation to very special people, such as one’s family physician, or pastor, or teacher or the president of the United States. It was a matter of respect.

I now am wondering, whatever happened to a little respect?

What is happening in our nation when a member of Congress fails to manifest respect for the president of the United States?

What is respect? In some instances the matter of respect has to do with the high level office that a person holds. More importantly, respect has to do with the high esteem that one has for a person.

Respect is a matter of character, honor and decency. Respect should never be trivialized. Respect is due at all times. It is perhaps a matter of good manners. We practice good manners at all times and in all places.

Indeed, we must respect ourselves as well as respect others. Jesus calls us to love God, our neighbors and ourselves.

Well, I am still wondering, whatever happened to a little respect – at home, in the work place, at church, at school, in the halls of congress, and in all places where people gather?

Think about it!



  1. Today, people seem to think that freedom of speech means you”re allowed to act and say whatever feels good. Respect isn’t a word heard used much lately in some arenas. As Christians and parents, we have to teach our children the need to respect others.

  2. One of the main reasons I am so disengaged from the political processes that go around us these days – both in the culture in general AND the Church – is this general lack of respect. Jesus’ call to love others is backed up by Jesus’ action of respecting and loving us so much that he was willing to go to the cross for us rather than condemn us. It is tragic that we fail to do what had already been done for us.

  3. I was taught as a child to respect my elders. Today when I use the word “elder” I’m thought odd, to use that word. My elders are dressing like teenagers use to dress. Now teenagers dress the extreme. Teens aren’t elders, so why do elders try to be teenagers? The youth get a bad wrap at times but their elders send a mixed message. Yeah, we need to dress our age and quit being ashamed of turning into the blessed elder. we are going to be.
    We need to earn back our respect as elders.

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