Posted by: morgan1965 | October 7, 2009

Clergy Appreciation Month

Each day, among other things, I pray for the clergy and laity in the West Virginia Conference. On the weekends, I ask God to anoint our ministers and laity who will lead congregations at worship on Sunday and at other times during the coming week. Ministry is an awesome service and those who engage in ministry deserve our appreciation.

October is Clergy Appreciation month. We have the opportunity to express gratitude and appreciation to all of our clergy who labor in local churches, work on Conference staff, or work in an extension ministry.

I want to say THANK YOU to all of our clergy who are a part of the West Virginia Annual Conference. Too often we forget to say thank you to our clergy. I greatly appreciate the faithfulness of our clergy as they do the work of ministry and mission in partnership with the laity.

It is my hope that every congregation will determine a way to express gratitude to your pastor[s] during this special month. There are a variety of ways to express gratitude and thanks – cards, personal note, flowers, gift card, fruit basket or an invitation to share a meal together. In addition, perhaps the most significant expression of gratitude is a personal thank you, expressed verbally in person.

Finally, let us remember our pastors in our daily prayers, asking God to surround them with love and peace. Dear God, please surround the clergy of the West Virginia Conference with your abundant love and abiding peace. Grant them spiritual strength for their daily journey. Help them to know that they are never alone, as they follow the light of Christ. Guide the clergy and laity as they labor together in partnership. Amen.



  1. Thank you Bishop for your ministry! How much so many of us appreciate you! O God bless our bishop as he leads and guides us. O God thank you for all clergy in various areas of ministry.

  2. Bishop, I am also thankful for the leadership that you provide to us and that you give to our Cabinet and the Conference Staff. I feel certain that God will give you all the strength and wisdom you need to lead us all.



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