Posted by: morgan1965 | October 14, 2009

Health Care

The United States Congress is fiercely debating the matter of health care. Various interest groups have their own perspective. Individual citizens have a variety of opinions about this important mater.

Do you know what the United Methodist “Social Principles” say about health care? The “Social Principles” say: We believe it is a governmental responsibility to provide all citizens with health care.

The operative word in the UM statement is “all” citizens.

The statement is contained in the “Social Principles [The United Methodist Book of Discipline, 2008, page 118].

Think about it!


  1. *applause* =)

  2. This statement (in bold print) is full of holes unless it is interpreted in light of all that the BOD has to say on the issue and even then, as Methodist Christians, we are led to find a balance in Scripture, Tradition, Reason and Experience. The enemy that is being debated is cost. A hidden enemy is availability even when cost is not at issue. Have you ever had to try to find a medical care provider. Let us not forget that in the United States, government is intended to be of the people, by the people and for the people. That makes us corporately AND individually responsible for seeing to it that health care is available and can be accessed by all – and fr us as Methodists, not just in the United States, but even in the deeply impoverished parts of the world. We are all thinking way too small. This is another issue that needs to be looked at outside of the box….

    Is it possible that a solution that would leave the “insurance” framework/worldview behind but might require more of us to dig in, get our hands dirty and do some work ourselves would better serve? Is it possible that we need to give greater attention to the hidden enemy than to the one that is in our face?

    In love for the sake of expanding our thinking into open minded dialogue. God’s desire is for humankind to live on an even playing field. The Israelites were given instructions for the Sabbath year, the year of Jubilee and to allow the poor to glean from the fields of those who were blessed with plenty. How can that even playing field be best realized?

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