Posted by: morgan1965 | November 5, 2009

Windshields & Rear-view Mirrors

All new cars come with certain standard equipment, with the opportunity for the prospective buyer to purchase certain optional equipment. There are two items that are never optional. Every car is manufactured with a windshield and a rear-view mirror.

The windshield usually spans from the driver’s side of a car to the passenger side of the car. The purpose of the windshield is to provide a means for the driver of the automobile to be able to have a maximum view of what is in front of the car. A car must have a clear path and the driver must be able to see that the path is free from any obstacles. When the windshield gets dirty, it behooves the driver to clean the glass, so that there is an unobstructed line of sight.

The windshield, located in the front of a car, enables a driver to move in a forward direction, while seeing everything that might be in the intended pathway of the car. Obviously, one cannot drive a car safely when the windshield is obstructed.

On the other hand, one cannot safely drive a car in a forward direction without the ability to look backward. Rear-view mirrors enable the driver of a car to see what is behind a car. It comes in handy, when the driver wants to back up the car. It is also a useful device when a driver gets ready to pass another car while driving in a forward direction.

The point is that a car needs a windshield and a rear-view mirror. These items are included as standard equipment in a new car. What does this have to do with living life?

The Christian life requires a posture of looking to the future. God led the children of Israel as a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. God led these folk into a future with hope. At certain times, the children of Israel wanted to go back to Egypt. That was a rear-view mirror theology. Things look good the way they use to be, but Moses was leading them forward. Now that was a windshield theology, a practical theology.

It is important to note that the windshield is a large space, while the rear-view mirror is a small object that provides a limited view. This is more than a matter of perspective; it is a matter of reality. We do not necessarily need to see all that is behind us, but it is imperative that we see everything that is in front of us.

Think about it!

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