Posted by: morgan1965 | November 17, 2009

The Death Penalty

From a personal perspective, religious and political, I am opposed to the death penalty as employed by many state governments in the United States.

The United Methodist Church has an official position in opposition to the death penalty. The “United Methodist Book of Discipline, 2008” clearly states the official United Methodist Church position regarding the death penalty or capital punishment:

We believe the death penalty denies the power of Christ to redeem, restore and transform all human beings. The United Methodist Church is deeply concerned about crime throughout the world and the value of any life taken by a murder or homicide. We believe all human life is sacred and created by God and therefore, we must see all human life as significant and valuable. When governments implement the death penalty (capital punishment), then the life of the convicted person is devalued and all possibility of change in that person’s life ends. We believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ and that the possibility of reconciliation with Christ comes through repentance. This gift of reconciliation is offered to all individuals without exception and gives all life new dignity and sacredness. For this reason, we oppose the death penalty (capital punishment) and urge its elimination from all criminal codes.This is a moral, ethical, and religious statement.

On November 10, 2009 the State of Virginia executed the DC Sniper, John Allen Muhammad. This man was a murderer, guilty of the most heinous crimes. Many people called for his execution. His execution raised again the controversy about the death penalty.

We mortals cannot usurp God’s power and authority. God has created all of humanity, breathing life into each person. What gives us the right to legally execute another human being?

I will continue to oppose the death penalty, and urge that it be eliminated from all criminal codes.

What are your thoughts on this matter?


  1. I also oppose the death penalty. What if someone was wrongly accuse and was sentenced to death?

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