Posted by: morgan1965 | November 26, 2009

A Prayer on Thanksgiving Day

Almighty God, on this Thanksgiving Day and every day of the year, I give thanks for you. You are the creator of heaven and earth. You created, not only all of humankind, you created even me. You have given to us an earth filled with resources. Please forgive our lack of stewardship as we inhabit your world. Give us the wisdom and courage to care for your gifts and share them with our neighbors.

On this new day, I want to thank you for the gift of Jesus Christ, who is my Lord and Savior. Jesus is at the center of my life, and he holds my hand, leading me and sustaining me along life’s journey. As I thank you for Jesus, I thank you too for the new life that comes with the dawning of each new day.

Creator God, I am thankful that Jesus taught us how to pray, and what to say when we are praying. On this day, please open my eyes that I might be able to see your goodness and mercy. Open my ears so that I might be able to hear your calm, quiet voice at all times. Take my lips and enable me to speak genuine words of thanksgiving to you. How grateful I am for my friend Jesus, who bears all of our sins and all of our grief.

Every day and every moment, I realize that whatever confronts me in life, I am never alone. Thank you loving God for the hovering presence of the Holy Spirit. There are times when I do not acknowledge your presence, thinking that I am self-sufficient. With gratitude, I thank you dear God, because you have enabled me to become the person that you desire me to be in this life.

Healing God, when I was in the valley of illness, you were there. I thank you for your healing touch. I am grateful for an efficient hospital, caring nurses, skilled doctors and experienced technicians. Also, dear God, I give thanks for praying people who prayed for me, then and now. Continue to teach me how to pray, always praying in the name of Jesus.

How joyous it is to have good relationships with other people. Today I give thanks for all of my family. I give thanks for the laity and clergy who make up the West Virginia Conference family.

So, on this Thanksgiving Day, I give thanks with a grateful heart. Dear God, I am thankful for all that you have done for me, through me, and with me.



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