Posted by: morgan1965 | December 14, 2009

A Daily Prayer Experience

Each day for me is a day of giving thanks to God. It is especially important to me that I give thanks to God for the gift of each new day. What a blessing it is to wake up to the light of a new day, and experience, yet again, God’s fresh beginning. Praise God who grants all blessings.

I like to start the new day with a time of personal devotions. My devotional period includes prayer, a study of certain scripture passages and meditation. To be sure, different people approach their personal devotional time in a variety of ways.

My favorite devotional resource is “The Upper Room.” I was introduced to this devotional resource by my parents. My mother and father read “The Upper Room” every day. They were inspired by the various writers who contributed to this spiritual resource.

I like “The Upper Room” because the writers who contribute the daily meditations
tell their own story. These stories are personal and to the point. The reader can identify with the writer. I often see myself in their story and that is inspiring for me.

There are a variety of resources that are available to the pilgrim disciple who desires a more disciplined prayer life. I also enjoy “The Upper Room Disciplines” which is a book of daily devotions.

The daily Upper Room readings can be found on line at The printed edition of “The Upper Room” usually can be found at your local United Methodist Church.

Prayer and meditation are the foundation of a disciplined spiritual life. Let me encourage you to set aside some time during each day for prayer, a study of Scripture, and meditation. Such a practice will greatly strengthen your journey with Jesus.

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