Posted by: morgan1965 | February 11, 2010

Partnership in Ministry

Ministry is, no doubt, at its greatest effectiveness when it is conducted as a partnership between the clergy and the laity. Ministry, I believe, is a partnership; and, this model was demonstrated by the partnership that Jesus had with his twelve disciples. The disciples were a part of the Jesus team. As modern day pilgrim disciples, we too are members of the Jesus team and partners with Christ.

As members of the Jesus team, we have the opportunity to engage in ministry as a partnership. The lay-clergy partnership in the local church is characterized by several dynamics.

1. Clergy and laity navigate the paths of ministry by faith, not sight.
2. There is an abiding faith in God through Jesus Christ, and a confidence in the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
3. There is a spirit of trust that is nurtured at the communion table and manifested at the meeting table and the fellowship table.
4. Planning and meetings are characterized by Christian conversation; active listening is the order of the day.
5. The team approach is the master plan for the conduct of the local church’s ministry and mission.
6. No one claims credit for things achieved, because there is a shared ministry.
7. All action is initiated with mutual prayer, and the minister and laity spend time together in prayer on a regular basis.
8. Fellowship is practiced actively and regularly, especially table fellowship.
9. The laity and the pastor learn together, because they study together, especially the scriptures.
10. Congregations that practice ministry as partnership grow together spiritually as they worship the God of love.

There are other characteristics of a lay-clergy partnership. Such partnerships are at the core of healthy congregations.

What are your thoughts on this matter?

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