Posted by: morgan1965 | May 22, 2010

It’s Okay to Bloom Here

Recently I had a telephone conversation with my son about preparing his garden for spring planting. I reminded him that the little garden plot in his backyard is located next to the fence where the runoff rain water escapes the yard. I suggested that it would be helpful to add some top soil to build up the area. The additional soil will force the rain water to drain away from any plantings. He has added the soil and he is making the best of the location that is available to dedicate to a garden.

A few days ago, after eating my breakfast at a Cracker Barrel, I decided to wander around the general store area. As I was browsing, a group of ornaments caught my attention. One ornament had three carrots painted in the top corner. Below the carrots, the words said: “grow where you are planted.” I can remember various mentors along the way who encouraged the people in ministry with these words: “bloom where you are planted.” Needless to say, I bought the little ornament, because it is a wonderful talking piece.

United Methodist Pastors are assigned to a variety of local church settings in their annual conference. Some pastors are assigned to a multiple church charge. The setting might be a town or country neighborhood. The congregation might be large or small. But regardless of any characterization, these congregations are made up of God’s people. As a person in ministry, I know of no greater joy than the privilege of working with God’s people and watching them grow in Jesus Christ.

Pastors can bloom where they are planted. Pastors can grow where they are planted. Pastors can thrive where they are planted, because God is with us in every place and along every path.

Just two days ago, I received in the mail a beautiful postal card. It has on the face of the card a scene depicting a colorful garden of wonderful flowers. There is a notation in the bottom corner that says: “Bloom…Grow, Thrive!

It is springtime and what a wonderful time to begin anew to bloom and grow where you are planted.

Let’s bloom, grow and thrive as laity and clergy in every place and in every congregational setting.


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