Posted by: morgan1965 | June 14, 2010

Annual Conference 2010

Each year, I look forward to annual conference with hope and anticipation. The annual conference setting, on the campus of West Virginia Wesleyan College, provides a picturesque and serene context. It is always my hope that this annual gathering will provide inspiration, education, and fellowship. This gathering of laity and clergy provides an opportunity for the participants to see each other face to face. This, for me, is a joyful experience.

The 2010 session of the West Virginia Annual Conference began with the Service of Holy Communion on Thursday and ended on Sunday, June 13th, with the Ordination Service. The conference consisted of passionate worship, diligent business sessions, powerful preaching by Bishop Gregory Palmer, joyful music, invitational evangelism, table fellowship and ardent prayers.

For me, Conference was a very inspirational experience. When Conference ended, I was ready for some rest and relaxation, but my soul was satisfied. We witnessed the presence of the Holy Spirit, and we heard many testimonies about the work of the Holy Spirit in the congregations and neighborhoods of the West Virginia Conference.

So, not only was my soul satisfied, my soul was set on fire.

I am excited about the work of ministry and missions in our Conference!

Has your soul been set on fire for Jesus? If so, then let’s go with Jesus and do the work of ministry and missions.

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