Posted by: morgan1965 | September 16, 2010

Happy Birthday!

I just celebrated another birthday yesterday. By the way, I am adding and not subtracting. Yes, another birthday celebration and another year have gone by.

Observing your birthday is taking note of a marker in life. When you observe the marker, it indicates that you are alive. Praise God!

God is adding years to my life and I am grateful for this precious gift. Every day is a gift from God! Dear God, thank you!

Our grandchildren are regular participants in their own birthday parties and the birthday parties of their friends. I have been to their birthday parties and I can testify that these parties are a big celebration – ice cream, cake, food, gifts, and fun. Kids usually cannot wait until their next birthday. Adults often stop celebrating their birthday.

It is a good thing to celebrate your birthday in some way. It is a time to remember, but it is also a time to look ahead, while giving thanks for today.

When your birthday comes, I pray that you will have a happy birthday. Oh yes, do celebrate.



  1. Bishop: I hope your birthday was filled with incredible joy and I pray that all your days are Jesus-filled! Shalom, Mona J.

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