Posted by: morgan1965 | September 28, 2010

Do You Have a Hobby?

Do you have a hobby? Another way to pose this question is to explore what it is that you do for sheer enjoyment? It is my belief that a personal hobby lends a lot of fun and entertainment to a person’s life. There is life beyond your “work.”

I have at least four hobbies. Since my childhood, I have enjoyed reading. When I was in elementary school, my sister and I would go to the library at least once a week. We would bring home our own stack of books and read them one after the other. When we finished a stack, we would return to the library and bring home another stack of books. Reading opened up my neighborhood to a bigger world. I particularly enjoyed reading books about America’s frontier and how the settlers moved west. I would like to think that my reading hobby helped to make me a better student and citizen.

Another hobby is gardening; however, I limit my gardening to vegetables. I planted my first garden when I was in my first pastoral appointment. My interest in gardening probably comes from my father who was an avid gardener. Dad always maintained a large vegetable garden during my growing up years. His gardens provided us with fresh vegetables during the summer months. We were poor, but we were never hungry.

When I was ready to plant my first garden, my Dad came over and helped me to plant that inaugural garden. One of the things that I vividly remember is how he taught me to use a hoe when planting seeds. I learned to hold the hoe a certain way for opening a furrow and another way to closing the furrow.

Gardening is very refreshing and therapeutic. It is enjoyable to work in the open air and experience some of nature’s beauty. The ultimate pleasure for a gardener is to eat a meal that includes foods from one’s garden. Now, that is awesome.

I also like to do historical research. I am very much at home in a library or an archives room. Encountering the past peaks my interest and energizes my spirit. As a history major in college, I have great respect for history, especially African American history and Methodist Church history. I even wrote a small volume of history titled, “The Black Presence in New Jersey’s Burlington County.” It is a lot of fun to learn to historical facts as one does historical research.

My number one hobby, of course, is “ham radio” or amateur radio. My first real knowledge about ham radio came from reading books that I got from the local library. This hobby requires a federal license. I received my novice license 52 years ago. I went to the US Customs House in Philadelphia, PA with three buddies to take the test for the General Class license. We took a Morse code test and a written test. When the FCC engineer told me that I had passed the test, I was filled with joy.

Ham radio is a hobby with many facets – operation of one’s radio equipment, and construction of equipment and antennas. As a teenager, I spent many hours with my ham radio hobby. I don’t spend as much time with this hobby as I would like at the present time.

Ham radio is a hobby that has incorporated many of the technological advances that have been developed in recent years, such as computers and the internet. This hobby allows an operator to be able to communicate with other operators from around the world.

I hope that you have a hobby. If you don’t have a hobby at the present time, I would encourage finding a hobby that you will enjoy and have fun doing.

Try it; and you will like it!



  1. Yes, I have several hobbies: square foot gardening, quilting, playing guitar. blogging and reading blogs. And as I said over lunch today, I am thoroughtly enjoying my retirement from pastoring.

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