Posted by: morgan1965 | December 12, 2010

Africa University Today [Fall 2010]

I recently visited Africa University to attend the fall meeting of the Board of Directors. It is a long journey to reach AU, but the experience is always rewarding. The campus was alive with energetic students attending their classes. The university is doing well in a challenging economy.

Many students, however, are having increasing difficulty in paying their bills in a timely fashion. This is due to the high inflation and the dollarization of the Zimbabwe economy. There is an ever increasing demand for need based scholarships. As chairperson of the development committee, I deeply appreciate all of the gifts that are given to AU for scholarships. The gifts, small and large, help to make a difference. Your gift will help to ensure the education of the students who need a helping hand.

During the chapel service [December 1, 2010], we honored the late Rev. Heinrich Meinhardt [April 4, 1943-December 9, 2009]. Rev. Meinhardt was a loyal member of the board of directors and a strong supporter of Africa University. As a member of the Development Committee, he raised significant funds for AU and enlisted the support of the German Development Agency to provide resources for AU. We will miss Rev. Meinhardt, because he was a difference maker. He was a friend of Jesus and a friend of Africa University.

Africa University is making a difference on the African continent, because it is educating students who go back to their home country and make a difference in their field of employment. Education plays a major role in setting people free from the shackles of poverty.

I am pleased to report that Africa University is doing rather well under difficult circumstances. Yet, our continuing help is urgently needed.

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