Posted by: morgan1965 | December 31, 2010

Some Reflections On Year’s End

As I spend a few moments reflecting today, I am aware that the 2010 year has now come to an end as does every year. It is the last day of the year. Life has its beginnings and endings, a time for birth and a time for death. Beginnings are followed by endings, and endings are replaced by new beginnings.

The end of a calendar year ushers in the New Year. But, before the New Year begins, one is reminded of all the endings that transpired during the past year. Just look at a newspaper, turn on the news broadcast, or log onto the internet. We are told about all of the celebrities who died during the year. We know all too well the names of our friends, neighbors and relatives who died during the year.

There are stories about famous couples whose marriages ended in divorce. We are saddened on the home front, because there were separations and divorces in our church families and among our blood families.

The jobs reports have not been good over the past months. Far too many of our neighbors all across America have lost their job. Some folks have stopped looking for a job.

Life is precious, yet we continue to hear about lives being snuffed out by suicide, gun violence, and drug abuse. Thousands of other lives are lost to malaria, starvation and war. All of these victims are our neighbors.

Shelter is an essential need for all of humanity. The report from the housing sector indicates that there have been numerous foreclosures across the nation. People who want to secure a mortgage often are not able to get a mortgage. In other countries, such as Haiti, thousands of people have no permanent shelter as a result of the devastating hurricane.

On the political front, we witnessed an end to the democratic majority in the U. S. House of Representatives. The recent lame duck session of Congress demonstrated that the Democrats and Republicans could reach a compromise on certain legislation. This scene reminds us that Jesus is neither a democrat or republican, but a proponent of justice and mercy.

On the one hand, I might feel discouraged; however, I am encouraged by Jesus to find hope in the endings of life in an effort to forge new beginnings. It’s like planting tulip bulbs in the fall of the year, and waiting until the spring time to see the beautiful and colorful flowers that sprout from the dried up bulbs. It is God, however, who takes the old and makes it new. May it be so in the New Year!

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