Posted by: morgan1965 | May 8, 2011

Mother’s Day Is A Special Day

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a very special day in United States culture, because mothers are and should be honored and held in high esteem. On Mother’s Day we celebrate our birth mothers, foster mothers, adoptive mothers, and any woman that we claim as mother.

A Prayer For Mothers

Creator God, we give thanks for motherhood and all of the mothers in the world. We are grateful for our mothers who gave birth to us. We deeply appreciate their love and their nurture that is showered on their children for a lifetime. In their love we see glimpses of God’s love. In their nurture, we experience the meaning of Jesus’s sacrifice of his life for us.

Sustaining God, we ask that you would give every mother a bundle of abiding strength, and a large measure of patience. Please grant our mothers wisdom and courage as they nurture their children. Help children everywhere to respect their mother and learn from the oasis of mother’s wisdom.

We give thanks for our families – mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers, godparents, and friends. Help our churches to cherish and nurture all of our families. Let the Holy Spirit create in our churches an oasis for Christian nurture and growth in Jesus Christ.

Dear God, we thank you for our mothers! Amen

A Hymn: “My Mother’s Prayer”

I never can forget the day I heard my mother kindly say,
“You’re leaving now my tender care;
Remember, child, your mother’s prayer.”

I never can forget the voice that always made my voice rejoice;
Tho’ I have wandered God knows where,
Still I remember mother’s prayer.

[“My Mother’s Prayer” – “The New National Baptist Hymnal,” p.376]

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