Posted by: morgan1965 | June 18, 2011

The Demands of Fatherhood Are Many

The demands of fatherhood are many, and being a father is a daunting, but rewarding experience. Perhaps the greatest demand placed upon a father (and mothers too), is to love one’s children with one’s whole heart. This love is best described in the parable of the Prodigal Son, who left home only to return in a state of destitution. His father, however, received him with open arms and abundant love.

What is it that a father can do to be a responsible parent? Let me suggest three dynamics that might help a father to be a good parent and assist his children in becoming good neighbors and responsible citizens.

The first dynamic is “determination.” A father can plant determination in his children through encouragement and example. Determination has to do with a strong will which is anchored in a fervent desire. I am talking about the desire to live, and the desire to be all that God has created a person to be in life. A child must have a desire to achieve a bigger dream and to obtain the ultimate prize.

The second dynamic that a father can bestow upon his children is “discipline.” Children beginning in infancy must over time become acquainted with discipline. Discipline is about more than staying out of trouble. Discipline is related to determination in that a disciplined person is able to address the rigors of life with orderliness, vigor and continuity. Children can be taught to be disciplined in their conduct; that is a good thing. Children also need to be taught to become a disciplined learner. Children, who are disciplined in their learning, also can transform their learning into wisdom with the God’s help.

The third dynamic that a father can convey to his children is “de Lord.” A father who is anchored in the Christian faith can share that anchor with his children so that they will have an anchor that will grip the solid rock. This process is twofold. A father should live a Christian life that is visible to his children. In addition, a father needs to take his children to Sunday school and weekly worship services at church. A father and mother can introduce their children to the spiritual disciplines. In their living, they demonstrate to their children that they are determined to follow Jesus.

It is a privilege to be a father; and, I am grateful to have had the opportunity, with my wife, to introduce our two sons to the three Ds, determination, discipline, and de Lord. I also give thanks for a father who aligned me and my siblings with the three Ds.

Fathers, let’s strive to cultivate the three Ds in our children.

Note: I encountered the idea of the three Ds in a 2006 speech that ABC anchor
Robin Roberts presented at Abilene Christian University. She commended her parents for cultivating in her the three Ds.

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