Posted by: morgan1965 | August 21, 2011

Fond Memories of High School

I have fond memories of my high school experience in Wilmington, Delaware. Those memories are starting to blur, however, because I graduated from high school fifty years ago, June 1961. Yes, fifty years ago.

The old Wilmington High School graduated its last class in 1960 when the new facility was opened. I was in the eleventh grade, so I spent my senior year at the new building. We were known as the Red Devils, and we had some good athletic teams. I enjoyed playing football, basketball and running track.

The old and new facilities were both located about a mile from our house. My sister and I walked to school every day – rain, snow or sunshine. We didn’t mind the walk, because we walked along with several other kids from the neighborhood. Kids would join us as we walked along the street – having fun, laughing and talking.

In our school, the boys and girls were in separate homerooms. All academic classes, of course, were coed. There was a dean of boys and a dean of girls; they were the disciplinarians. Every day in homeroom someone would read a Bible passage and we would recite the Lord’s Prayer. That was before Madalyn Murray O’Hair. Then we would salute the flag and say the pledge of allegiance. That is what we did in those days.

I played tuba in the band and orchestra. The marching band conflicted with football practice, so my participation was limited during football season. It was a lot of fun to be a member of the student council. We thought we were real politicians – how about that? I had two great English teachers, H.B Stewart and H.G. Stewart. I had H.G. in the tenth and eleventh grades. Contrary to the advice of my guidance counselors, and with the approval of my parents, I took three years of electric shop. In the new high school, the shop had a complete operating “ham radio” station. Now you know that I had a lot of fun in the “ham” station.

Last Tuesday I got together with several of my old high school buddies at a restaurant in Wilmington, Delaware. We reminisced about “the good old days” at “high school.” We affectionately use to call Wilmington High School, “high school.” All of us are much older now, but the personalities are the same. I had not seen one of my buddies for 50 years, but I had no difficulty recognizing him. He seemed to recognize me. All of us had participated in sports – basketball, football, wrestling, or track. In spite of the passage of time, I can still remember each person’s participation in their respective sports activity.

I want to congratulate all of the youth who graduated from high school this past spring, on the occasion of my fiftieth high school graduation anniversary. They have reached an important marker in life, but it is merely a beginning. My prayer is that their graduation will be a fresh beginning as they undertake a new journey in life.

Fifty years! I can hardly believe it.

Dear God, I thank you for the years, the friends and all the opportunities that you have afforded me. May it be so for the newly graduated young people all across America. Amen.

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