Posted by: morgan1965 | November 1, 2011

Remembering the Saints Who Nurtured Us

As we observe All Saints Day on November 1, 2011 and prepare to worship on All Saints Sunday [November 6, 2011], I am reminded of the many precious memories of the saints who nurtured me. Among these saints are my mother and father, my grandfather, my Sunday school teachers and my pastors. These memories linger because these wonderful saints nurtured me as a Christian person in a variety of ways – their teaching, their preaching, their prayers, their leadership, their presence and their example.

On this All Saints Day, I want to lift up my grandfather who died when I was about thirteen years old. His name was William Logan, but the grandchildren always called him Dad Lo. He was our only living grandparent, so he got all of our attention. When we visited his home, he gave us a lot of his attention, even though he had to go to work.

Granddad dearly loved his four grandchildren and he enjoyed playing with us. We delighted in being around him. He drove his school bus just about everywhere that he went, and we looked forward to riding with him during the summer months. He almost never said that we could not go with him in his travels around the neighborhood.

I looked up to Dad Lo because he was a kind, generous and loving grandparent. He was a churchman. It was obvious to me that he was always helping his friends and neighbors who were less fortunate.

Granddad always told us to save our money and use it wisely. He would quote Mr. Franklin’s statement: “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” He lived by this principle until his death.

My grandfather died on April 18, 1956. It was Good Friday. He had been a faithful church member, a devoted parent, and a loving grandfather. I shall never forget my grandfather, for he was the only grandparent whom I ever knew. I can still remember the days when as a child I tagged along at his heels, enjoying every moment that I spent with him.

When we remember the saints in our life, it raises up so many precious memories. I pray that it will be so for you in this All Saints Season.

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