Posted by: morgan1965 | November 18, 2011

We Cannot Tolerate Child Sexual Abuse!

The global village in every place must protect and appropriately care for the children. The children are a precious gift from God. Our children, however, are vulnerable, and need the care of parents, family and the entire community.

In the midst of numerous crimes against children, the church should be a sanctuary for our children at all times in every place. The church should be known in the local community as a place where children are welcome. The church must be a sanctuary for children – a safe place.

In caring for our children we provide food, clothing, nurture, education, safety and love, among other things. Adults should never do anything that might harm a child. We have a responsibility to provide for our children, as well as being responsible for nurturing them into adulthood.

The child abuse scandal that is associated with Penn State University and its football program is a painful commentary on the mistreatment of children in the global village. The alleged perpetrator was previously a member of the football coaching staff. He was “trusted” by the children. That trust was violated by acts of child sexual abuse according to a recent grand jury report.

Football has been king at Penn State. One report indicated that the football program last year generated revenue of about $100 million from all sources. The head coach, before getting fired, had tenure of more than forty years. Tenure and money often translates into power. Was there any misuse and abuse of power? Did this athletic program provide sanctuary for acts of child sexual abuse? The courts will answer this question at a later time.

Seeming greatness has led to disgrace. This horrible event is a wakeup call to the whole nation – families, churches, educational institutions, all youth programs, and neighborhoods.

We must report all instances of child sexual abuse to the appropriate authorities immediately. To do anything less is to be irresponsible. Not reporting any knowledge of child sexual abuse is to contribute to the abuse. This applies to our ministers, all workers with children and youth, all lay leadership in our churches, as well as every citizen in our neighborhoods.

Let us not fail our children!


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