Posted by: morgan1965 | March 26, 2012

Catch the Spirit – Reading Books is Fun!

The transition from full-time ministry to the retired status caused me to take stock of the numerous books in my personal library. The truth of the matter is that I enjoy reading, and I like to have my own copy of a book that interests me. My collection has mysteriously grown over the years, in spite of infrequent purgings. Among other things, I like to write in my books, mark my books and list certain key words on a back page.

I can remember playing in my father’s study when I was growing up. Dad had many theological books that he treasured. I remember finding a book about Tom Sawyer that I read. Another book that I read was about Robinson Crusoe. Early in life it became apparent to me that books are exciting and reading is fun. 

When we lived in Wilmington, Delaware, during my elementary school years, my sister and I would walk to the library at least once a week. We would withdraw a small stack of books to read at home. When we finished our individual stack, we would go back to the library to get more books. 

Reading books helped me to increase my vocabulary, and to enlarge my view of the world. Reading helped me in learning how to write and to express myself in writing.  

John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, encouraged the preachers to read a variety of books. He noted that he was a man of “one book,” the Bible. Wesley encouraged the preachers to read their Bible on a regular basis, studying both the Old and New Testaments. Although a man of one book, Wesley read books about various subjects in addition to theology. He believed that his preachers should not only read the Bible, but they should read books on many subjects. Wesley wanted the preachers to be grounded in scripture and knowledgeable about secular matters. 

You can imagine how difficult it was to part with some of my books. From a practical point of view, I can no longer provide as much space for books as I have done in the past. I am encouraged, because I know that another person may have an opportunity to obtain a certain book that I have given up. What a joy it is to share information and knowledge. 

I still have some of the books that belonged to my Dad. I still have some books that trace back to my days in theological seminary. These books belong to my special collection, my sentimental collection. 

The special book, however, is the Bible, which is the inspiration for our Christian living. It is the foundation for our preaching and teaching. It is a guide for our living and being.

 I would like to commend to your reading a small volume that I co-authored with Bishop Jonathan Keaton. The title is “Our Father – Where Are the Fathers?” The book was just published by Abingdon Press and is available at  I hope that you will enjoy this book and share it with other pilgrim disciples, especially the fathers.




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