Posted by: morgan1965 | June 16, 2012

My Father: Parent, Pastor, Preacher and Poet

My father, the Rev. William Lemuel Dewey Lyght, was a parent, pastor, preacher, and poet. As we honor our fathers on Father’s Day 2012, I would like to honor my father by sharing with you a hymn that he wrote during his early ministry. This hymn reflects his faith journey as a disciple of Jesus Christ. The hymn is titled, “Work For Jesus:”

 Dear Christian, just a word for you,

          I speak this to be true-

While you’re running in this race,

Be sure to carry grace,

          And your work will be ended after a while. 


Our work will be ended after awhile,

Our work will be ended after awhile;

          We will lay our burdens down,

          By God’s hand receive a crown;

Our work will be ended after awhile.


Sometimes we are up and sometimes down,

We can’t tell whether on sea or ground;

          And we wonder why the test,

          When we’ve tried to do our best,

But your trouble will be ended after awhile.


Just let God guide you with His eye,

And may you follow till you die;

          Then you’ll have your friends greet,

          And sit down at Jesus’ feet;

Our work will be ended after awhile.


Sinner, I want to tell you, too,

God has something for you to do;

          Get your ticket in your hand,

          Death is riding through the land;

Jesus said He was coming after awhile.


Let us do something for the Master

From the dawning to the sun,

          And when our work on earth is done,

          Christ will receive us, every one;

And we all will see Jesus after awhile. 

As we remember and honor our fathers let us continue to work for Jesus with new determination and commitment. I am grateful for my father who along with my mother introduced me to Jesus. They inspired me to work for Jesus!

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