Posted by: morgan1965 | November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012: Praise God!

As we observe and celebrate Thanksgiving 2012, I am grateful for the gift of life. First, I give thanks for Jesus Christ, our most precious gift. It was my parents who introduced me to Jesus, taught me about Jesus, and manifested Jesus in their personal living. Because of them, I know that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Second, I give thanks to God for each new day that God gives to me. It is God who created us and God sustains us in our daily living as human beings, and pilgrim disciples. Tomorrow is not promised to us, so we have the opportunity to live to God’s glory each and every day of our lives.

The extensive medical challenges that I have experienced over the last year have caused me to pause and ponder my attitude and gratitude in this Thanksgiving Season. First, I am grateful for the numerous people who have been praying for me. I sincerely believe that prayer makes a difference, because God answers prayer. God’s answers to our prayers are always on time and timely. In the midst of the journey, God has taught me to be more patient, because God does not necessarily act on our prayers today. Dear God, I thank you for teaching me how to wait.

Second, I want to thank God for all of the healing agents that God has made available to me and to others. These healing agents are doctors who diagnose illness and prescribe steps toward healing; nurses who nurture their patients; hospitals that house the sick and provide a safe haven; pharmacists who dispense prescribed medications; and technicians who oversee numerous test procedures.

These healing agents work together in an effort to combat illness through prevention, diagnosis and healing procedures. So, I give thanks to God for God’s healing mercy that has touched my life in a mighty way.

Thanksgiving is a time to think about our thanks to Almighty God, because of God’s grace and mercy. It is appropriate all year long to pause and count our blessings. So, each day is a day of giving thanks to God.

As I think thanks, I am grateful for my whole family. They too have prayed for my healing. They have been supportive and caring. I give special thanks for my wife, who has been with me “in sickness and in health.”

I also give thanks for the United Methodist Church that nurtured me as a child, and ordained me as a young adult. The UMC provided me with the opportunity to serve as a local church pastor, as a district superintendent and as a bishop. I am grateful for the many lay people who have been a part of my life and ministry along the way. These brothers and sisters have helped to make a difference in my life.

So in this season of Thanksgiving, let us praise God who provides all of our blessings.

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