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A Black History Month Tribute to Dad

                     A  Glimpse of the Legacy of Rev.  Dr. William Lemuel Dewey Lyght, Sr.


      For well over fifty years, Rev. William Lemuel Dewey Lyght, Sr. (1898-1988) was a United Methodist minister

with many gifts and talents.   Born in Cambridge, Maryland, he is the son of a former slave.

During his ninety years of life, Rev. Lyght excelled in various areas.

      He is a graduate of Morgan State University, Baltimore, Maryland and Drew Theological Seminary,

Madison, New Jersey.  Having played as an outstanding guard in football at Morgan State University,

Rev. Lyght was inducted in the Football Hall of Fame at that institution of learning.

       Rev. Lyght pastored churches in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, served as

District Superintendent of the Wilmington District and retired as pastor of old Ezion U. M. Church,

now  Ezion-Mt. Carmel.

        Significantly, Rev. Lyght was known as a dynamic and spiritual preacher who preached without

any notes, quoting scripture, hymns, poetry, Shakespeare and other works of literature flawlessly.

Throughout his retirement, he was in great demand for speaking engagements.  Let the record show

 that he preached numerous years at this historical church for you on Men’s Day and looked forward to

 it every year.

       Rev. Lyght was married to Attrue Logan whom he met at Princess Anne Academy, Princess Anne,

Maryland.  This was a school founded by the Black Methodists of the former Delaware Conference.

Mrs. Lyght was very active in the Women’s Society of Christian Service, now United Methodist

Women and also enjoyed teaching Sunday School.  When Rev. Lyght was district superintendent, Mrs. Lyght was delighted to be her husband’s personal secretary.  She was a person whose personality was loved by all.  It is noteworthy that both Rev. and Mrs. Lyght truly loved God, family and people.                 

     Rev. and Mrs. Lyght had four children: Thelma, William, Celestine and Ernest, all of whom are also

graduates of Morgan State  and beyond.  Additionally, the children of William and Ernest are all college


Thelma  Lyght

  • Elementary Teacher
  • Church Organist
    • First African-American female to play the magnificent  pipe organ at the  Convention Center, Atlantic City, New Jersey for her high school graduation

William  Lyght

  • ROTC Hall of Fame, Morgan State (Reserved Officers’ Training Corps)
  • Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army
  • Police Chief;  Deputy Police Chief; College Security Chief
  • Professor, Criminal Justice
  • Community Service awards

Celestine  Lyght

  • Secondary  School English Teacher
  • College  Professor
  • University Supervisor, Student  Teachers
  • Teacher of the Year awards;  Lifetime Teaching award
    • Church organist and choir director

Ernest  Lyght           

  • United Methodist minister for forty-eight years; pastored  several churches in New Jersey
  • District Superintendent
  • 1996-elected Bishop, assigned to the New York Annual Conference
  • 2012-retired as Bishop, West Virginia Annual Conference
  • Earned doctorate degree as well as honorary degrees
  • Avid reader and writer; author of several published books

[Written by Celestine Lyght]


  1. Wonderful memories! Special man! Thank you for sharing.

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