Posted by: morgan1965 | November 1, 2015

Remembering Ernest L. Jones on All Saints’ Sunday 2015

Today, in observance of All Saints’ Sunday, each person in the worship service was given a flower. Each flower was placed in a vase of water as we built two bouquets in honor of all the saints who have gone before us. We were encouraged to remember specific people in our lives who were important to us.

I decided to place my flower in the all saints’ bouquet in memory of my mentor, Ernest L. Jones. I have fond memories of Mr. Jones, whom I first met when I was in Junior High School in Wilmington, Delaware. I was interested in becoming a licensed amateur (ham) radio operator. A man at the local radio store (pre-Radio Shack) suggested that I call Mr. Jones who actually lived about four blocks from our home. I did not know him at that time.

When I called him on the phone and introduced myself to him and told him about my interest in ham radio, he graciously invited me to come to his home. He and his wife welcomed me into their home from that first visit until the time of his death. I looked forward to visiting his home on Saturday afternoons. When I went to his home, his wife would just say that her husband was in the basement; so I would go down to his work shop and ham radio shack. I would spend two or three hours with him. I would watch him as he constructed some electronic project – a transmitter, a power supply or some gadget. He was very patient in answering all of my questions about ham radio and electronics.

Mr. Jones was an excellent mentor. He had been a ham operator since the age of eight years old. He was an electrical engineer and worked for the U. S. Navy at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. His specialty was submarine radar systems.

Mr. Jones administered my test for the Novice license to become a licensed ham radio operator. He had helped me to learn the Morse code and learn some basic electronics theory. He was a good teacher. After I received my license, he guided me in building my first transmitter. He always was a source of encouragement and support. As I grew older, we would talk about religion, politics and church. He thought that I could have become a good electrical engineer, but he supported me when I decided to go into the ordained ministry.

Mr. Jones [W3KU] was a gentleman, mentor, teacher and friend.



  1. Thank you Bishop. This was a great gift and witness for this All Saints Day. SHALOM IMMANUEL

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