Posted by: morgan1965 | November 24, 2015

The Holiday & Other Special Ocassions

In the fall season, the tree leaves begin to change their color, and one can witness a variety of brilliant colors. Some people travel for miles to see the fall colors reflected in the foliage in various regions of the country, especially New England. The beautiful leaves only remain on the trees for a specified period of time; then they begin to fall to the ground. Oh, what a mess.

It is customary to collect the fallen leaves so that they can be carted away to a landfill or community compost facility. It’s not good to leave piles of leaves on the lawn. You surely do not want to park your car in a pile of dry leaves, because the car can ignite the leaves.

Right now in this fall season, the leaves are on our minds. The tree leaves, however, remind me of another kind of leaf – the table leaf.

In this Thanksgiving season and continuing holiday season, images of my mother’s dining room table come to mind. Although her dining room table was always large, it could not accommodate all of the family and friends who would come to dinner, especially on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. There was no problem because the table could be made larger by adding one or two leaves to it.

My mother and father practiced a theology of accommodation by putting another leaf at the table. It is about hospitality and making space at the table for all to partake of a meal together. The lesson learned is that we should always be prepared to put another leaf in the table. That is Christian hospitality.

When we extend the table, we enable the family and all guests to sit at the table together. When we sit at the table together, we are able to break bread together in fellowship. This experience is a rich blessing.

The holiday season is about to get underway, and we will stop raking leaves and make sure that the table leaves are ready for use in extending the table. The extra leaves for our dining room are ready for use. In fact, we keep one extra leaf in the table at all times, just in case we need it.

We are grateful for family and friends who previously have invited us to share Thanksgiving dinner with their family. They have shown great hospitality and we have been able to join together in fellowship, giving thanks to God for God’s numerous blessings. They gladly put a leaf in the table.

We also feel gratitude for family and friends who have previously joined us in our home for Christmas dinner and other special occasions. What joyous fellowship we have experienced. We gladly put a leaf in the table.

Jesus calls us to love our neighbors. Jesus, also, calls us to show hospitality to strangers. When we break bread at the table, we overcome any barriers that might exist between us as pilgrim disciples. Such experiences can help to overcome the barriers that exist between us and God. So, in this extended holiday season, be prepared to put another leaf in the table.

I pray that you will experience a Happy Thanksgiving with your family and your friends.


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