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  1. As a lay member of the 2009 WV Conference I would like to express my appreciation to everyone involved for the many blessings experienced. I am personally grateful for the leadership provided by our Bishop. Our calling as Christians is a high, noble and honorable calling. The challenge we all must face is to live up to that calling in humble, faithful, childlike trust in God and the gracious gift we have received in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

    The dynamic of Godly leadership and Godly followership is very powerful. If the same dynamic is carried forward into our local churches we will certainly know God’s blessing.

    As we (laity and clergy) carry this part of our story back to those with whom we worship and minister it is my deep prayer that the healing, counseling and enabling power of the Holy Spirit will be upon us and working through us all.

    Something good can come out of West Virginia?
    Something good can come out of West Virginia.
    Something good can come out of West Virginia!

    Thank you.

  2. Church and Society have done it again.
    I love my Church

  3. I had no idea Pelosi could do the harm to my Church, by announcing the Church was in favor of the bill passed. Please allow the membership to express their own opinion. Church and Society are out of touch with congregations. If they want to be political, I would suggest they consder politics rather than claiming to doing the work of spreading the Gospel. It is hard to convince people that we are the Church of Wesley by the action our Chuch is only conceived to have taken

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