The following books, co-written by Bishop Lyght can be purchased through Cokesbury: Our Father – Where Are the Fathers? (2012), written with Bishop Jonathan D. Keaton; The Confessions of Three Ebony Bishops (2008) by Edsel Ammons, Ernest S. Lyght, and Jonathan D. Keaton; Many Faces, One Church: A Manual for Cross-Racial And Cross-Cultural Ministry(2006) by Ernest S. Lyght, Glory E. Dharmaraj and Jacob S. Dharmaraj

Other books by Bishop Lyght:
Ernest S. Lyght, “Path Of Freedom: The Black Presence In New Jersey’s Burlington County 1659 – 1900″Cherry Hill, NJ: E & E Publishing House, 1978.

Ernest S. Lyght,  “The Religious and Philosophical Foundations In The Thought of Martin Luther King, Jr. New York: Vantage Press, 1972.

A NEW Publication – Ernest S. Lyght, “Have You Faith In Christ?” Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2015. This book is about a bishop’s insight into the Historic Questions (John Wesley’s questions) asked of those seeking admission into full connectiton in The United Methopdist Church. This is an inspirational read not only for clergy, but laity too.


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