Praying for Our Presdient

A part of my prayer discipline is to maintain a prayer list that I update on a daily basis. Included in this list is the President of the United States. Some people have told me that they cannot, or do not pray for the POTUS. Still other folk have suggested that, although they do pray for him, they struggle to formulate the appropriate prayer for our President. The following prayer is my prayer offering for our POTUS. It has emerged out of my own struggle to articulate an appropriate prayer the elected leader of our nation.


Dear God, I give thanks to you for your quiet presence in the midst of life’s raging storms, some that are the result of natural phenomenon, and others that are the result of human evil and wrong doing. It is a delight to know that you prepare the way for your pilgrim disciples as we struggle to love our neighbors and to live in peace.

In these turbulent days, we are witnesses to earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, political wrangling in the halls of congress, and wars. Lord, we need leadership that strives to “do the right thing.” We need leaders who will stand up for justice and peace. God, we need you to anoint our leaders, especially our POTUS who is the leader of these United States. Yes, we realize that “there is no authority except from God” (Romans 13:1b).

I ask that you hold President Trump in your hand, and anoint him with your loving spirit. Each day, give him courage to ascertain your will, and to do your will. Each day, give him wisdom to discern what is the right thing to do for the people of the United States. Each day, give him the vision to walk the path of righteousness, justice and peace. Each day, open his eyes and enable him to see the rainbow of people he was elected to protect as president and public servant. Each day, touch his lips and cause him to speak the truth that will set him free to lead this nation in a manner that is good for all the people. Lord, today, give our POTUS a clean heart so that he can serve all of the people without distinction. Please hold him in your unchanging hand. Amen

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